Sameeksha uk The Progressive Cultural Forum

Sameeksha UK is a progressive socio-cultural organisation of the Malayalee community in the United Kingdom. It was formed in 2015 with an aim of promoting progressive values among the Malayali community and to undertake and organise activities to help the welfare, educational, economic, social and cultural advancement of Malayali community in the UK. We are also dedicated to promote a harmonious relationship amongst local citizens, Indian migrants and the society in general by cultivating mutual respect through increased social interactions, discussions, seminars, recreation and other voluntary activities of significant community benefit

We have 31 units across all regions of the UK and each unit conducting several activities for the benefit of the Malayali community in their region. This includes conducting Malayalam classes for children, organising educational and career guidance workshops etc.

Sameeksha has taken up various issues faced by the Malayali migrant workers in the UK with the Government, especially the concerns of the Malayali Nurses in the UK.

As a socially responsible organisation we think we should help the people of Kerala when they are in distress. Keeping this in mind Sameeksha have done various fund-raising activities to support activities like Rebuild Kerala, donations to CMDRF, supporting Public education by donating Televisions to poor and needy children.

Sameeksha is also involved in charity causes in the UK